Food Production Intelligence

How you can grow your own food, raise your own fish and maintain your own aquaculture system, indoors or in your own backyard.

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Raising Fish

Raising Fish is a rewarding part of building and maintaining your own Aquaponics System. Fish can provide important chemicals for your plants and in some cases also act as a food source for you!

Growing Plants and Vegetables

Herbs, plants, vegetables, flowers: Determine what you wish to grow in your Aquaponics Environment. A variety of plants can grow in a variety of environments with a variety of fish.

Building your own Aquaponics System - DIY

How to get started building your own DIY Aquaponics System. Start small and scale up. We share with you some of the web's best resources for getting started.

Research, Shop for and Purchase your DIY supplies and resourcs online.

Read up on and utilize recommendations, research and reviews to begin purchasing the start-up items for your DIY Project. Aquaponics Supplies can be found at a variety of locations.

Aquaponics systems have changed our lifestyle and given us a unique understanding of where our meals come from. This kind of permaculture is something everyone should at least try. It's easier than we ever thought it would be to step up from our home garden into something that actually makes a difference to our household and the world. -- Thomas H., San Antonio, Texas